About Make A Recurring Donation To The Satanic Temple

Please make a recurring donation to The Satanic Temple.

Recurring donations are incredibly important as they allow us to plan ahead and take actions that require funding to protect our Member's rights against groups who want to force their beliefs on others.

Groups like the taxpayer funded Congressional Prayer Caucus made up of state legislators who say they promote "religious freedom" but they introduce legislation that is geared toward changing US law to be based on Christian theocracy. 

The Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, their non-profit organization, rakes in massive donations and promotes the myth that the United States is a Christian nation.

They prey upon fearful Christians who believe the myth that their religion is under attack to rally support and they are winning.

Their thinly veiled goal to force Christian theocracy into the laws of the United States is working.

As part of a nationwide push that includes more than 300 bills in 2019, 11 US states have passed laws to restrict or inhibit access to abortion. Hundreds of laws to put "In God We Trust" on police cars, public buildings and to place plaques of the 10 Commandments in schools and public building are now in place.

They are incredibly well connected.

They have passionate support.

They are well funded.

As a federally recognized religion, the right to practice our beliefs is protected under the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
We have multiple initiatives and we are already in litigation fighting for religious reproductive rights, against discrimination, and other causes.

This costs an immense amount of money. We have major plans to continue our fight, but we need your help.
Please make a recurring donation. If you would like to make a one-time donation, please visit

Our fight is only beginning.

We are grateful for your support.

Hail Satan!

Your tax-deductible contributions to The Satanic Temple support our organization and its ongoing efforts to:
  • Protect our Member's religious rights.
  • Defend the First Amendment
  • Protect reproductive rights and ensure individuals can make informed decisions about their health free from harassment and unnecessary legislation
  • Protect children from abuse in public schools